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Services Overview

Services and pricing are offered à la carte or via packages.

Customized Packages

Each client has their own unique background, obstacles, goals, values, and situation. Most clients find the best value in developing a customized package that fits their needs. You may schedule a complimentary​, 30-minute consultation to determine the customized career package that fits your unique needs, and receive a cost estimate.

Assessment and Self-Awareness

Take a career assessment and engage in a session to reflect on how your skills and strengths can be applied to excelling in your career. 

1 x 60 minute session: $149

Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn

Develop a polished resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile that authentically demonstrate your experience, education, accomplishments, and future career goals.

2 x 60 minute sessions: $299 


Gain essential skills and knowledge to establish and maintain professional relationships, expand your network, and ultimately - elevate your career. 

1 x 60 minute session: $149


Strengthen your understanding of the interview process and refine skills to master the art of interviewing, which can often be one of the most challenging aspects of landing a new job. 

2 x 60 minute sessions: $299

Career Action Plan

Build and implement a strategy for obtaining your career goals. Plans vary depending on the individual and may include reflection, research, job search strategies, relationship building, or other steps - depending on the client’s individual situation. This often works best as a final component of a customized package. 

Group Workshops

Pricing varies depending on the workshop duration, goals, number of attendees, etc. Please contact to inquiry about group workshops. 

*Sessions are virtual and completed via Zoom unless an in-person arrangement

is established between the client and Career Coach.


The Purposeful and Passionate Career Program Package

A one-on-one, 5-session program designed to discover your strengths, purpose, and passion in order to create a meaningful career. We will take a holistic view of your values, strengths, skills, experience, and goals to develop a customized plan for a meaningful career. 


5 x 60 minute sessions: $499

Bright Gradient

Session 1


Initial Discussion and

Program Overview

Bright Gradient

Session 2


Your Personal and Professional Strengths and Goals

Bright Gradient

Sessions 3 & 4

Action Plan:

Your Customized

Career Journey

Bright Gradient

Session 5


Conclusive Strategy for Ongoing Commitment

For a time, I had no idea where I was going in my career. I felt lost and didn’t know where to start. That is, until I consulted with Kathryn. She got to know me and my experience while being knowledgeable, patient, and thorough. Through Kathryn, I was able to find clarity in which direction to go. She also helped edit the resume that got me two job offers in two days! I am now working at a job I love and on a career path I feel confident in.

Tara Doyle

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